Langley’s No. 8 Gin

Another bloody “man gin”.

I decided I was going to review Langley’s No. 8 gin next as it was the gin I used in my gin and lemon cake last week. I thought the bottle was dull but it wasn’t until I read up about Langley’s that I realised I am obviously not their target market. Because the bottle’s label is black and grey which, as anyone who’s ever walked past a men’s skincare range will know, clearly means it’s for men. There’s also a small leather collar around the neck of the bottle. Very masculine. This gin was launched in 2013, not 1953; it’s hard to believe that someone (let’s be honest, some man) thought this was a good advertising angle.

It is distilled at Langley Distillery in the UK which produces gins on behalf of other companies but this is the first time they have put their name to a gin. Gin has been distilled at Langley Distillery since 1920, and some of the copper stills used date back to the early 1800s, so maybe the outdated marketing is trying to align itself with the history of the distillery itself.


Details: Classic, London Dry style gin. 8 botanicals. 41.7% abv.

Bottle: Round, clear glass bottle. Simple, monochrome label with silver accents. Boring.

Serve: Premium tonic, suggested garnish of grapefruit and basil leaves (untested by me).

Nose: Juniper, citrus.

Tasting notes: Tastes like a classic, juniper-led gin. Some citrus notes, fairly smooth but nothing to write home about.

Drink, buy or bin? Bin. It’s a classic gin that doesn’t stand out above others with similar flavour profiles, and it’s probably more expensive than a lot of them too.

Langley’s No. 8 can be found online and in some supermarkets for around £31 for 70cl.

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