Saffron Gin

If you want your gin to look like Lucozade then look no further!

I can’t decide if this looks great in the glass, or if it’s something I’d feel the need to take a step back from. It sure ain’t subtle and ultimately I don’t think I want my gin to have such a strong colour, it seems quite gimmicky. Perhaps in a different drink I’d welcome it but generally I like my gin to look like gin. It makes for a good photo though…


Details: Launched in 2008 Saffron Gin is a French, London Dry-style gin (the addition of saffron precludes it from being a true London Dry Gin), inspired by the spices of India. It is produced in France by the distillers at Gabriel Boudier, a French distillery best known for its liqueurs. There are nine botanticals, including the saffron. 40% abv.

Bottle: The bottle is clear glass, in this case it is the gin itself that is coloured, and bright orange at that! There are some fairly subtle flower (the saffron crocus) details in the glass, the bottle is rounded and the label quite simple. It allows the unusual colour of the gin to be the focus of the product.

Serve: Premium tonic and a slice of orange.

Nose: Mostly juniper notes, but a buttery, warm take on them.

Tasting notes: For me it tastes like a classic gin, smooth but with a slightly bitter aftertaste that lingers.

Drink, buy or bin? Bin – personally I don’t really rate this gin. It comes out the cupboard every so often when I decide to give it another chance and each time I find I still feel pretty ‘meh’ about it. Despite its looks it is a fairly unexceptional, run-of-the-mill gin but with an unwanted, bitter aftertaste.

Saffron Gin can be found online at Master of Malt and other independent retailers for around £30 for 70cl.

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