Portobello Road Gin No. 171

The Portobello Star in London has its fingers in many a gin pie. Mmmm….gin pie…..

It is a bar, a distillery, a classroom of gin learnings (the Ginstitute, review here), and a great place to visit. Now without further ado – bring on the gin!


Details: No. 171 is the original gin from the Portobello Road distillery (they also frequently do limited edition bottles, the most recent being a non-vegetarian-friendly gin involving turkey – yes, really!). Nine classic botanicals combine to create a timeless London Dry Gin. 42% abv.

Bottle: Classic, wine-bottle shape in clear glass with a cork stopper (which gives good ‘pop’). The label lends the bottle an old-school, apothecary-style look.

Serve: Premium tonic and a twist of grapefruit peel, which enhances the citrus and nutmeg.

Nose: Juniper berries and peppery notes.

Tasting notes: A generous hit of juniper sits alongside citrus notes from lemon and bitter orange, leading to a sweet peppery finish from coriander, liquorice and nutmeg.

Drink, buy or bin? While it doesn’t bring anything too unique to the table it is a good, classic gin for a no-nonsense G&T. I would probably buy it again, especially if it was on offer in the supermarkets.

Portobello Road Gin No. 171 can be widely found online and in supermarkets for around £24 for 70cl.

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