Batch Premium Gin

In the immortal almost words of Noddy Holder – it’s Chriiiiiiiiiistmas (gin)!

This is the gin from Craft Gin Club’s December box and it is a winner. It gives a feel of Christmas due to the warming, spicy flavour profile but is in no way a Christmas gimmick. Alongside other aromatic botanicals Batch have taken the unusual step of distilling frankincense and myrrh which add a real depth to the gin. The wise men would’ve been proud.


Details: Distilled using 12 botanicals including nutmeg, cloves and allspice, along with the trademark frankincense and myrrh. A relatively new, small-scale family-run production from Burnley, Lancashire; it was released in 2014. 40% abv.

Bottle: Clear, ridged glass. Beautiful label with gold detailing (to go alongside the frankincense and myrrh of course). The cork stopper makes the best ‘pop’ I’ve heard for a while. Sooooo good. Or to quote Monica Geller “Seven! Seven! Seven!”.

Serve: The Batch website recommends premium tonic garnished with frozen raspberries and lime peel (I used a slice of lime because I am clearly a monster). I’ll also be trying mine with the new limited edition Fever-Tree Clementine and Cinnamon tonic which is 10/10 delicious.

Nose: Smells like the best Christmas candle ever! Alongside the piney notes of juniper there are hints of cinnamon and cloves, with a big hit of orange peel singing through.

Tasting notes: The frankincense and myrrh stand out as the flavours you just can’t quite pin down, to my palate at least. I don’t drink a lot of frankincense! Cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves all create a warm and well-rounded mouth feel and the fresh, zesty orange and juniper linger on the palate.

Drink, buy or bin? I love a spicy gin and this is complex yet balanced. Right up my street. Buy buy buy!!

Batch Premium Gin can be found on the Batch website here or online at Master of Malt, for around £37 for 70cl.

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