Decanting infusions and using the leftovers

Sticky plums anyone?

My sloe gin(s) and spiced plum brandy have been strained and re-bottled. The drinks are good to go (or rather, good to be squirreled away secretly and not openly offered to guests over the festive period unless specifically asked for!) but what to do with the leftovers? Sure you could throw them out but those berries are plump with precious gin!


Add cider to the jar with the sloes in. Leave for a day. Sloe gin cider = Slider!


I tried eating a plum quarter as it was, straight from the brandy, as I think Nigel Slater suggested but goodness me he must have a high tolerance for alcohol! I think it would have been iffy to drive after just one. So I chucked them in a pan with¬†some sugar (of course I did not weigh it) and thought I’d make a compote or a rough jam. I left it bubbling away, turned the heat off after 30 minutes or so and stuck a lid over them while I waited for the dishwasher to finish sterilising my jars. When I came to pot it up it had set into a plum caramel of sorts (glac√© plums?). I laid the plums out on baking parchment to harden and spooned the remaining caramel into a jar for drizzling over a cake at a later date, perhaps with the caramel plums served on the side.

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